Physics as a Branch of Study

Physics is a branch of scientific study that involves studying the matter, essential components of matter, and interactions between different elements. In other words, it is the scientific study of space, time, energy, matter, and their relationship. There are subjects or branches that people study within the scope of physics. The following are the conventional branches of classical physics: electromagnetism, classical mechanics, optics, and acoustics. However, since physics has undergone rapid development, the scope of the subject has widened, making it impossible to explore physics under the branches mentioned above. I have discussed these branches of physics: relativity, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, optics, and mechanics.


This branch focuses on the theoretical concepts developed by Albert Einstein. The principle of relativity assumes that space and time are relative, and all motions must be comparative to a reference frame.


This physics branch explores the electromagnetic force that electrically-charged particles produce when interacting physically. Electromagnetic force occurs in electromagnetic fields like light, magnetic, and electrical fields. This energy is created when an electric current passes through a wire or other simple conductors.


As a physics branch, mechanics focuses on the motion of an object with or without force reference. We have these types of mechanics: quantum mechanics and classical mechanics. Quantum mechanics revolves around the interactions between small particles like protons and electrons behave. On the other hand, classical mechanics describes the theories of motion proposed by theorists such as Newton, Galileo, and Leibniz.

Optical Physics 

Optics explores the essential properties of light and how it interacts with matter. Examples of phenomena studied under this branch include refraction, diffraction, interference, laser interaction, and reflection. Laser physics is a part of optics and deals with the theory and practice of lasers.


Thermodynamics revolves around studying heat and its relationship with energy and work. It also deals with heat transfer through different processes, such as radiation and conduction.

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