Symptoms of a patient related to the Nervous System

  • 2 years ago

Symptoms of a patient related to the Nervous System

Below are symptoms of a patient related to the Nervous System. Each person needs to answer all of these and then reply substantially to their teammates. As a team you should come to a final conclusion on all 3 questions in regards to the Patient and the symptoms. You don't have to make a separate word document or file, just come to an agreement in your discussions. *Only the people in your group/team can see your discussions. Based on the symptoms answer the following questions:

  1. Identify all anatomical structures related to and/or that are being affected based on the patient case information. (i.e. tissues, organs, vessels, brain components, membranes)
  2. Explain how the anatomical structures and their physiological function/dysfunction are interrelated normally and what is going wrong with the structures in this current patient case information.
  3. Identify and explain possible a diagnosis and what can be done to fix or reverse the current situation described in the patient case information. Please be specific and detailed.

Patient: Kathy

Kathy is a 20 year old woman. Lately she has been waking up with a tingling and numb sensation covering both of her feet and it has progressively been getting worse. She made a doctor's appointment but it is not for two weeks. Yesterday, when she work up she tried to get out of bed and she crashed to the floor. She can't get up all the way and realizes her knee is bleeding and scraped up, but cannot feel any pain from it. Due to this new emergency, Kathy was able to go see the Doctor right away. The medical team was able to find that there was something wrong with her oligodendrocytes.