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Learning how economies works requires hard work, time, and commitment. Students must learn people interact with goods and services to understand economics. Economics involves producing, distributing, and consuming goods and services. It entails many concepts that many people fail to understand. Examples of the concepts include scarcity, opportunity cost, price controls, supply and demand, inflation, GDP, unemployment, fiscal policies, international trade, the theory of a firm, and the time value of money.

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Microeconomics Assignment Questions

Question 1: Describe the concepts of choice and opportunity costs as applied to microeconomics issues

Question 2: Explain the factors that trigger shifts in demand and supply and what they imply

Question 3: Explain the differences between factor markets and product markets. How do consumers affect factor markets?

Macroeconomics Homework Questions

Question 1: Explain how the government uses price controls to restrict prices and create fair markets

Question 2: Explain how the Federal Reserve convinces banks to purchase bonds

Question 3: Discuss how increasing GDP enables countries to alleviate employment

Question 4: Identify barriers to trade. Why are these barriers imposed? Do these barriers create problems that impact economic growth?

Question 5: What are the consequences of banks being cautious about giving loans?

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