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Early childhood refers to the period between birth and eight years of age. It has four stages, including infancy, toddlerhood, preschool, and school age. In addition, early childhood has phases characterized by different developmental milestones. Early childhood is a stage in which children gain and master essential skills and knowledge that define their success in future education and other life stages.

Although early childhood represents an evident developmental continuum, many programs focus on this stage for different reasons. Children and families have needs that require interventions from the government and organizations. As a result, well-coordinated programs are necessary to create positive environments that can support child development from infancy to school age.

Moreover, early childhood is considered a vital stage of life. Children at this phase are more vulnerable to developmental problems and failures. Such factors as poverty, parenting issues, violence, and language increase a child’s risk level. For instance, emotionally-unstable parents are likely to compromise children’s ability to manage emotions. Poverty can also hinder a child’s access to school and high-quality early childhood programs. Furthermore, students exposed to trauma may experience abnormal brain development or demonstrate challenging behaviors in the classroom. They may also struggle to work with others and perform tasks in school and at home.

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Knowledge Development in Early Childhood

Children’s knowledge is certainly crucial. Knowledge is vital for conceptual growth and long-term academic success. Children with increased knowledge demonstrate enhanced language and reading comprehension skills, as well as enhanced critical reasoning and cross-curricular learning. The importance of providing children with a solid foundation of content knowledge has been proven by research for at least three reasons. First, knowledge is both cumulative and exponential: children with extensive knowledge bases have a greater ability to learn new information. In addition, prior knowledge facilitates the encoding and retrieval of new information. Thirdly, information promotes critical thinking by enhancing working memory and freeing up resources for comprehension and analysis. Evidently, a child’s knowledge base is a crucial element of their educational performance. Recent surveys have revealed a startling dearth of instruction aimed at developing children’s knowledge of core concepts, the world, and domains. Hence, skill and knowledge acquisition must be the primary objective of early childhood education.

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