What Is Critical Race Theory?  

Critical race theory is a social construct that examines the conceptions of race and ethnicity in society. This framework takes into account the consequences of historical laws and social structures on modern-day racism. In short, the theory helps us understand how social systems and laws perpetuate racial inequality in the contemporary world. With this model, we can understand how racism affects public policies or structures that sideline people of color or compromise social equality. Social and political movements and media shape the perceptions of race and ethnicity.


Abbreviated as CRT, critical race theory analyzes systems, power, and social institutions using the lens of race and racism. This perspective is based on the notion that many institutions create a groundwork for systematic racism and oppression. Likewise, the framework assumes that social situations are developed to enforce conditions or structures that oppress people of color. Therefore, racism is a product of individual bias or prejudice and the elements embedded in legal systems and policies. Moreover, racism and oppression have affected the United States and the globe for many decades. White supremacy is responsible for steering the continuity of racism and oppression. Furthermore, the critical race framework is broad and involves discussing and using concepts and terms like white privilege and implicit bias. Many people apply this paradigm in education, legal analyses, sociology, and communication studies.

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