Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities

  • 2 years ago

Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities

For this assignment, you will have two separate assignments. Please make sure to submit BOTH parts of the assignment for full credit.

For the first part, you are an educator with a group of parents in your classroom that have just been identified as having a learning disability. As their teacher, you are the person they are looking to for direction at this point. I would like for you to create a flyer for these parents. Your flyer should be visually appealing, but also very informative and positive as these parents are sure to be upset, frustrated, and confused all in one at this time. Flyers should include: 1) a general introduction of the terminology "learning disability" 2) an idea of what the school can do to ensure student success 3) links, numbers, etc. for parents as they begin this process 4) a positive prognosis for the parent and child.

For the second part, Inclusion is a never-ending debate, especially in dealing with the different levels of learning disabilities that a teacher may encounter. For this assignment, you will be formulating an argument for or against inclusion. You will write a 3-5 paragraph essay. This essay should include at least 2 outside sources (it can be an article, website, book, etc.) supporting your stance. Please make sure your argument is well-organized, supports your argument fully, and also is grammatically correct.