Online Learning Modules and Assessments

  • 2 years ago

Online Learning Modules and Assessments

Why is it important to have a classroom management plan? What are the most important elements that this plan should include?

How can procedures that are well developed and specifically taught reduce behavior problems?

Name at least four things teachers should keep in mind when delivering positive or negative consequences.

Ms. Gardner teaches seventh-grade science. For the first time in her career, her room is equipped with several lab stations. Because of this, she plans to have her students perform more hands-on experiments. She is excited by this prospect but also concerned that her students will be disruptive as they go to their lab stations and work in small groups. She is also concerned that her students will get hurt if they are not careful at the lab stations. To alleviate her concerns, help Ms. Gardner:

  • Develop a set of classroom rules
  • Create at least three procedures for walking to and working at the lab stations

Sierra, a student in Ms. Gardner’s science class, is shy and often anxious. However, when working with a partner at a lab station, she usually is very talkative. This disruptive behavior often results in her and her partner missing important teacher directions and not completing labs on time. Name at least two surface management strategies that Ms. Gardner could use to address Sierra’s disruptive behavior. Explain why you chose these strategies.