Information Technology (IT) Project Management

  • 3 years ago

Information Technology (IT) Project Management

Based on your project scenario that has been suggested by you or by your instructor and approved by your instructor, answer the following questions.

Project Title:

Scenario Overview:

Question One
a) Create the charter for your own project.
b) Develop the SWOT analysis for your own project.

Question Two
Use any of project management tools to,
a) Identify the project milestones and draw Gantt chart.
b) Draw PDM network diagram.
c) Identify all paths including the critical path for the project.
d) Show the forward pass and the backward pass of your project.
e) Calculate the free and total slack of each activity.
f) Use the Earned Value Management for your project to find out CPI, SPI, and EAC.
g) In one page, create the Lessons-Learned report.