Business & Finance homework: Discussion Week 2

Business & Finance homework: Discussion Week 2

Describe how project management offices can support and improve project execution.

A project management office (PMO) is the central hub of a project dealing with all of its parts. Due to the lack of timely completion, over budget, and off of the original plan the project management offices were created. PMOs can range in size from one professional in small organizations to involve hundreds or even thousands of people. Via our textbook, they mention how Casey and Peck characterize different kinds of PMOs. The organization falls into 4 categories. The 4 categories are: 

  • Weather station- this is where they track and monitor project performance. 
  • Control tower- this category helps to improve project execution. 
  • Resource pool- the resource pool is there to keep the project managers and professionals up to date with their training.
  • Command and control center- under this category they are strictly in control and give out the orders of what to do.

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