Outsourcing in Project Management

Outsourcing in Project Management

Answer the following questions using the discussion board topic "5-1: Let's Outsource It." The answers should be 3-5 paragraphs with 3-5 sentences per paragraph and will justify your answer. This discussion topic is based off of this week's readings, so make sure you have reviewed Chapter 5, as well as any supplemental readings prior to completing your response.

  • Question 1: What are the apparent rewards and challenges that advance from an organization's decision to outsource a project or service?
  • Question 2: If you were managing a technology company that specialized in game development, what outsourcing strategies could you employ that would give your organization a competitive advantage? As a virtual manager, what steps should be taken to assure that all outsourced projects are completed using the proper standards and quality as deemed necessary by your organization?

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